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Video production

About Us

About Akin Media Production:

Akin media is a budding Communication Company with excellent skills in corporate communication; media relations, video production, digital photography, and content development that inculcate both cultural and interpersonal skills which seek to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

The production firm undertakes marketing of company’s products and services through the lens that espouses a general liking by both the corporate and the general public. Akin Media offers comprehensive video production services designed to make your abstract idea become a reality effortlessly.


To be an agency for Info-tainment; information and entertainment, impacting and creating awareness of socio-economic issues. 


Total focus to quality and strong visual communication skills.


  • creation of long lasting partnerships with our clients
  • To engage likeminded partners that share in our mission and vision
  • strategically generate awareness for brands, causes and personalities
  • To lead from the front by creating visuals that is real and local.

Our Services:

  • Videography; Music videos, wedding videos, etc.
  • Photography; portrait, studio, and corporate
  • Content development; documentaries, drama, feature stories, and commercials
  • Video and Photo editing services

Equipment Selection:

Akin Media boasts of modern television and photography equipments that are high definition cameras as well as the most recent editing software’s in the industry.

At Unique Displays, we understand print. we are committed to delivering a creative and professional service on time & every time. From concept to completion, we work with you to segment the market, identify your target audience, create ideas for this audience and then ensure that quality and consistency are maintained through to job completion, resulting in superior printed materials.

Our capabilities include:

    • Advice our clients
    • Deliver Quality Print
    • Business Continuity
    • Event & Public awareness
    • Consultancy


Akin Media believes in an expressional and committed clientele service. We dedicate our services to productions that are meant for posterity with an enhancement of brand recognition through video and photography.

Some of our clients include:

What makes us unique

Reliable services
Professional services
Delivers on time
Customer friendly